A Familiar Place          (Video and Photography Documentary Installation)

A documentary Installation (Video, photography, sound).

The two videos confront the memories of an aging political activist and the collective present of a stolen revolution.

The installation creates a path from present to past through a structure where the observer is invited to experience Titi's appartment and balcony (inside/outside).

Albert Arie, alias Titi has been living in the same apartment for the past 78 years, from his long balcony he observe Cairo’s changes and his country’s transformations. A Jewish communist, Titi spent 11 years in jail, from age 23. After that Titi stayed and Egypt became a military regime for over three decades. He went on to have a normal life.


The installation is set in the midst of 2011 uprisings (2011-2013) in Cairo, as Titi observes from his balcony, riots he can no longer take a part of.


*A feature documentary has been released (At Titi's balcony, 2017)