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In the waiting room (Photography and Video Installation)

A visual dive into the collective feeling of disillusion following January 25th and the fall of Mubarak’s regime in Egypt. The wait became visible in the streets and public spaces, here portrayed as a form of resistance to the return of blind everyday life. 

20 photography series follow character(s) in the wait as they go by their everyday life in the streets of Cairo. 

The experimental video (RoofTop radio) projected in the room is an edit of images taken in Cairo slums's rooftops. Still shots of rough habitat, dusted colors and visual silence. The sound is an edit of Cairo's streets from downtown's rooftops.

In the centre of the room, 10 traditional wooden chairs made locally and generally used by doormen, kiosk owners ..., are set to create the opportunity for people to sit, watch the photos or the video and become part of the installation as they experience a sense of collective wait.






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