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There is no Eve +

Série Vidéo Il n'y a pas d'Eve

Photography series (3) (Numeric back Hasselblad, postproduction).

Scenography of the photos is inspired by a sculptural approach to images as totems, as forms of photographic Karyatides.

Vidéo  (3 vidéos of 2’30’’ in loop, projection on raw wall paper).

Collaborating with Romain Renault, we worked on authentic macro images of face and details (skin, features) to inscrust them on the digital models. The impression is that of a mutation in the making.

Sound (4 tracks, 3 high speakers inside wooden base, headphones)
Broadcasted from inside the base, the main sound of this installation is a journey into the times of Areina, Lilly and Eva.

The last tracks played in headsets, narrates the tale of their family tree, as if of a real myth.


The installation is produced by Le Fresnoy, National studio for Contemporary Arts (2014).


Photography/Voice/Conception Installation: Yasmina Benari

3D/Animation: Romain Renault

Postproduction photo: David de Beyter

Editing/Mix Sound: Sebastien Cabour
Make up/textures/tatoos: Clémence Labadie, Yasmina Benabderrahmane

Mural: Jean Emmanuel Exbrayat

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