RoofTop Radio

Vidéo Loop, Intallation In the waiting room

RoofTop Radio is part of the installation In the waiting room. It is mostly set from a rooftop of downtown Cairo's old foreign buildings. In Egypt, rooftops are commonly used for a variety of purposes. From unstable habitat to open storage room. In this particular rooftop, no one was living there, in the sun layed the remains of furnitures from an old appartement, a black veil suspended on a small wooden booth, a stray cat wandering around. An italian bath lays in the sun, flipped over, as the remains of an old Egypt. The camera's angle suggests a sort of outdoor Huit clos. The eye of the beholder wonders around, emprisonned on a roofTop. This open seclusion seems to mirror that of an entire people, stuck in a no man's time.


I came back several times on this roofTop and witnessed the remains of the first image of a past. Made of footage taken during and after January 25th, it first came together after working on my installation In the waiting room.


The soundtrack is edited with the redundant sound of a radiostation changing. It mixes voices, live recorded sounds of streets and riots as well as music and public archives.

Both sound and images, translate the movement of a changing time. A period of chaos gathering change and its absence, joy and despair, hope and cowardness or beauty and horror.