Cairo Habibis

Photography and objects installation. Limited edition (1 series)

Cairo Habibis (litt. "My Cairo loves") is a documentary installation gathering 14 portraits and objects. A portrait installation of the people who in the course of 8 years, from 2004 to 2012, have come to cross my path and life in Cairo. A visual declaration of love for the people and the country I was then leaving. The installation was meant to disapear after the first and only opening and all photographies were limited series of 1.


14th February (2004-2012)

14 portraits printed on canvas sheet in raw wooden frames.

Each photo is  printed in one unique copy.

All portraits are acompanied with an object present in the picture. Captions.

Pictures/texts and Installation by Yasmina Benari.


3 walls/3 colors/ 3 periods/3 moods

1/Love and Denial (2004-2008) Denial can be a sweet treat when the fall is close

2/Pain & Passion (2008- 2010) No pain, no gain?

3/Aftermath (2010…) It’s a new day.