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Interstice sur la place Tahrir, A Familiar Place
RoofTop Radio

Video, as sound recording, is an everyday medium in my work. I use it naturally as a way to archive random live moments. Mostly about people, whether they be waiting in the street, shouting in a riot or playing chess at the terrace of a cafe. It can also be random, like the passing of a dunkey in a small boat or the flight of a heron from a pile of garbage. I enjoy archiving these images in the making.

As with sound, I keep a library of short videos. I rarely know what will become of the video rush then. When editing a video for a project, I focus on visual narration, choosing to edit soundtrack and image seperately, as if independent entities. I enjoy the freedom this gives to storytelling. The soundtracks are edited with original recorded sounds, public archives and music whether taken in the streets or roughly composed.


I mostly work with handheld cameras. First because it's often quite a sudden moment, but mainly because of an interest for the matière of images, mixing raw sometimes low quality shots with high resolution images. I enjoy working pixels as I would sculpting wood or stone. Still even in videos where there is hardly any verbal narration, everything starts with a story, a place, a person. 

They define a space out of space.

Rooftop Radio
Titi à son balcon
Titi de dos, Au Balcon de Titi
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