At the Balcony

(Video HD, 17'54'', Mute)

Projection photography (Scan photos 6x6, Caption stand)

At the balcony is the first visual door, the entry into the images of a box of souvenirs. Forty black and white photos silently narrate the life of Titi and his family, from his balcony (1945-2013) and in jail (1957). 

Photography narrates the course of 65 years in the life of a family and a country. We see Titi as a young adult in 1946 (16 years old), a woman he loved before she left Egypt, then the experience of prison (1953-1964) illustrated by 19 photography taken as self-portraits in 1957. Titi his cell comrades, all political prisoners, managed to pass through a very small super 8 camera. Placed in a luminous part of the roof, the shadows of the jail bars are projected on their faces. This is the only sign of where we are. These shadows seem to echo with the balcony’s daily reflections on blinders and faces. Then we see a mature adult with young sons, back on his balcony, 11 years later, and finally an old man posing with his oldest grandson, 15 years old Omar, who is autistic.

Images appear and disappear to accentuate the passing of time and its ellipse between each image, each moment and its souvenir. The silent projection of still images dialogs in proximity with Titi’s words in Video 1 (sequence A familiar Place-).