Sound- With Open Eyes

The story of four original tracks featured in the film.

Zeina - With Open Eyes
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Dalia - With Open Eyes
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Heba - With Open Eyes
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Annemarie - With Open Eyes
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Four original tracks composed for each of the four characters.

The idea was to illustrate the different universe of the four directors shown in the film, as colourful sound portraits. Working on each music,we tried to keep the colour of an emotion and translate into sound.


For the composition and mixing, I worked respectively with Stephen Freiheit ( and Pelle Skovmand. Stephen and I recorded some of the instrumental part in a sound recording Studio in Amman, Jordan and then made the final composing and mixing in Copenhagen, Denmark at Pelle Skovmand's studio.

Stephen Freiheit and I also collaborated on the main song for the documentary film Kvindernes Verden Denmark, in 2006, the track is called Voir.