There is no Eve

(Video HD, 7'30'', Mute)

Projection screen on canvas painting (1 mx 1.77 m / pasted medium)

Sound broadcasted from a wide scene facing the photography series (3HP

Digital conception and animation: Romain Renault (Retmia)

The video is projected on a screen with a particular matiérage that accentuates the impression of the physical presence of real faces. The viewer is invited to settle on a central island type seating/stage from which the sound is broadcasted.
The spatial installation continually refers to this invisible line between seeing and being seen.


The video plays on several digital trompe l'oeil. The transformation is so gradual that at times, it seems unreal and brings into question the nature of the image (still /animated, Virtual/real?). The facial detail is realistic and its texture is very close to real human skin (macrophotography of faces), while some movements of the face create a doubt as to the the possible virtuality of the subject.


There is no Eve is projected in loop, leaving the observer to gaze and wonder into space photographs that complement the organic body of the installation.

Close ups of faces (Eyes, lips, nose...) seem to dialogue with the photography series focused on real scale bodies. In the video, the focus is set on the expression, emotions and its correlated transformations. The scenography of the installation brings the spectator back to an invisible line between seeing and being seen. The eyes moves from animation to still image, from the face to the body, the exterior and the inside of image.

Videos (3 x 2’30’’’- In loop). Projection on raw paper paint marouflé on medium  (1m/1,77m. Sound in main stand (3 High speakers-Stereo. Spatialization.