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                                           Yasmina Benari's work is focused on memories, both individual and collective, as well as identity, migration, and the notion of political uprising. She treats photographic and animated images as a volume she sculpts, disturbs, and mixes to shape into various forms. Her films and installations question the documentary form, causing borders to fade away. Her installation approach favors the encounter, discussion, and transmission as an artistic act of engagement.


Yasmina Ben Ari considers herself to be a Researcher Artist. Meaning her work is evenly divided between artistic research (PHD, articles, conferences) and plastic work. Holding both academic and artistic degrees (Le Fresnoy), she navigates between document and fiction and works with various mediums (video, sound, sculpture) with a focus on Art Installation.

Yasmina is trained in classical violin for years, knowledge she uses to compose her video soundtracks, a mix of music and ambient sounds. Having lived most of her life abroad in United States, Cuba, Egypt and many European states, has shaped her early horizons. College degrees (MA) in Political Sciences and Contemporary Arabic and Muslim world, broadened her vision.

Currently, Yasmina has received a fellowship to enter a PHD program in Science of Arts at LESA, Aix-Marseille University. The PHD includes a vast exhibition with both previous and actual works. The video series “Pain and Other things” (3) will be shown alongside a small cabinet of curiosities in Spring 2023.

Recently she has come back to abstract Art with wood and stone sculpture.

Video from collective show: L'Instant de voirLes champs Libres, Rennes, June-August 2014.

Entretien, MUBA Eugène Leroy, Instants de voir, Albert Clermont, 2016.

Settings video of the installation as shown at Le Fresnoy, June 2013.

There is no Eve, Panorama 16 Solus Locus, Le Fresnoy, 2014

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