Art Installation


Art Installation is an important medium in my work. As a form it gathers all that I approach when considering a subject of study: space, structure, path, interaction between mediums (image/sound) and how to immerse the observer in this given reality. The complete freedom it offers gives me the possibility to tackle with all sorts of subjects in a variety of ways. In 2012, while creating the installation A Familiar Place, I came up with the concept of a Documentary installation. In other words, an installation that offers a plurality of documents to recreate a given reality wether past or present.


Coming from a plural background, I enjoy the process of creating an installation in interaction with various other actors such as architects, carpenters, metalworkers, seamstresses, make up artists, sound engineers, visual effects etc.

In the end, within an existing place another one emerges which takes us far from our surrounding reality and immerses us in the subject differentely than a film or an image alone would.



The Dinner

Documentary Installation (Video, photography, sound, structure).

An Installation about the last jewish egyptian women of Cairo as they prepare for pessah/ In production

There is no Eve

Fantastic Installation (Photography series, Video, Story), le Fresnoy 2014. What eve never existed? The imaginary tale of three women as alternative female norms.       

A Familiar Place

Documentary Installation (Video, sound, structure), Le Fresnoy, 2013. The story of a Jewish Egyptian communist in the midst of Egypt's uprising.

Cairo Habibis

(Photography series, objects), LCMA, 2012. A portrait series on exile and Love.

In the waiting room

(Photography, video, objects), LCMA, 2011. An essai on post revolution blackout and collective wait.