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In filmmaking my heart goes to documentary, as it embraces both a need for a complete freedom of work and my vision of the world as a highly political place. By political I mean the large perspective of human interaction and social constructions. I enjoy reflecting on the interactions between individual and collective experiences of a society and its history. Transmission is an important part of my work.


In At Titi's balcony, I filmed the main character for close to two years. I usually plunge myself into the character's reality, build a link to be as close as possible to his/her truth. In my experience, this takes time.

At Titi's Balcony, A film about a Jewish Egyptian communist, his balcony and revolutions.

(Video, 52' & 79', B&W, colour, 2017)

A film about Titi, an aging Jewish egyptian communist, in the aftermath of January 25th 2011.


With Open Eyes

(72', video, color, 2009)

A film following moments and thoughts of four Arab female filmmakers. With Heba Yossery, Dalia al Kury, Zeina durra and Annemarie Jacir.

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