I started the study of violin at the age of 7. I went on with a classical training at the conservatory of the center of Paris (Orchestra). I took classes of singing and have generally surrounded myself with music.

In the frame of a musical collaboration in 2006 (Voir, Kvindernes Verden Denmark) for a feature danish documentary, I saw an alternative to my classical approach of violin. I started experimenting with sound and recording moments of my everyday life in different countries. In 2007, when selected to take part in the training Film program (Danish Film School), i worked on filming images after having composed the sound first. I have since enjoyed working on sound and images as seperate entities. Later on, in the frame of my film With Open Eyes, I co-directed the making of the soundtrack.

My sound work is often hybrid, between music, city sounds, shouts, conversations or riots... I am interested in the link between ambient sounds and musical creations, words and notes. However, music is always related to an image, whether animated or static.

Though I have a training and know my keys, I keep a rather intuitive approach to music and soundmaking.

There is no Eve

With Open Eyes


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