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Vidéo Titi, Installation A Familiar Place


(Part I of the installation)

Vue d'exposition, A Familiar Place

Two videos inside, mirror one another.

On the left A Familiar Place, Cairo 1945-2011. Titi tells the tale of Egypt's history and his own.

On the right, At the balcony, Silent photography video with pictures taken over the course of 60 years.

Vidéo Titi, A Familiar Place

A Familiar Place (main video)
A video about Titi, his political engagement, Prison and revolutions.

Vue de l'exposition (Le Fresnoy), A Familiar Place


(Part II and III of the installation)

Al Bustan is the exterior video, projected on a suspended screen. The balcony is the transition space between interior and exterior, Past and Present in the making.

Al Bustan (The garden) A  mix of modern rushs and archives in the midst of Cairo's streets and uprisings.

Vue de l'exposition Musée Eugène Leroy, A Familiar Place
Projection suspendue, Le Fresnoy, A Familiar Place

(up & right) At Le Fresnoy. (down left) At Muba Eugène Leroy)

Vidéo 1 -A Familiar Place-Titi (PAL, 37’, couleur)

Conception/image/sound : Yasmina Benari

Editing : Laureline Delom

Editing/mix sound : Jerôme Petit

Archives photography : Albert Arié

Titi and Cooki, recording byTamara Ben Ari

Sweet Sir Galahad, words and music by Joan Baez, copyright © Chandos Music


Vidéo 2 -At the Balcony (HD, 17’47’’, noir et blanc)

Caption title/editing image : Yasmina Benari

Photography assistant : Ana Katharina Sheidegger

Vidéo 3 -Al Bustan (PAL, 10’30’’, couleur)

Image/editing : Yasmina Benari

Color grading: Ludivine Sibelle



Interior- Titi sans titre (Mono, 5 tracks, 29’59’’) with Albert Arié

Sound/Conception : Yasmina Benari

Edit sound/mix : Jerôme Petit-


Le Balcon - Letter written by Albert Arié, adressed to and read by Yasmina Benari


Installation produced by le Fresnoy, National studio for Contemporary Arts

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